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Which Star Thief Character Are You?

Several months ago, a friend casually mentioned that Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood shared the same last name. What, she asked, was the connection? Brother and sister? Mother and son? Husband and wife?

That captured my imagination. Months went by, and I didn't yet have an idea on how to use it, but I knew I wanted to at some point.

And, inspiration, as usually happens, came suddenly and without a specific trigger. All I knew was that it featured a girl named Scarlet, a brother who abandoned her, journeys across the planet systems, and questions about trust.

Since then, the story has been completely plotted and partially outlined, waiting for me to finish the first book of the duology I'm working on so that I can finally write Star Thief.

In the meantime, I've been having some fun with the characters - including making a quiz to see which of them my friends were!

The five options are these:

Scarlet -- Little Red Riding Hood

Scarlet is my main character in Star Thief, and she's about seventeen at the time the story takes place. Naturally suspicious but with a deep longing to belong, she tends to keep to herself unless someone draws her out of her shell. She grows a lot over the course of the book, and I love her character arc. <3

Robin -- Robin Hood

Scarlet's older brother who, driven by grief and guilt after their parents' deaths, abandons her and sets out for a forested moon called Shayre. Robin isn't one to ramble; what he says is short and decisive. He leads his men well and cares for them, as well as for Scarlet, but doesn't quite know how to show it.

Will -- Will Scarlet/The Huntsman

Will is one of my favorite characters in Star Thief, hands down. His cheerful sass, insightful nature, and caring friendliness are so lovable. <3 He's been through a lot of trauma and struggles with PTSD, which has been interesting to work into the outline. The first of Robin's band, he's the Will Scarlet from the traditional Robin Hood story, but he also ends up going by the name of Will Hunter, fulfilling the role of the Huntsman in the Little Red Riding Hoodstory.

Chann -- The Wolf/Sheriff

Chann is, by far, the most unsettling of these characters. He plays the role of both the Sheriff, from the Robin Hood story, as well as the Wolf, from the Little Red Riding Hood story. Ambitious, calculated, charismatic - he makes a rather good villain, if I do say so myself. ;) He's also the older brother of Marion (see below).

Marion -- Maid Marian

Marion is a lady out of her place - in the best way possible. Generous yet from a rich family that keeps their riches to themselves, courteous yet surrounded by caustic company, graceful beyond all measures - she is an amazing person. Love interest to Robin and quick friend to Scarlet, she acts much as a mentor to both of these characters. <3

So which of these are you? Take this quiz to find out!


Which did you get? Tell me in the comments!

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