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The Star That Always Stays

They say that writing a book takes a village. While that's true, it's true in more ways than one - the entire writing journey, from start to finish, takes a village.

My village is Brett Harris and Jaquelle Ferris' The Young Writer's Workshop, and it's a village beyond a young writer's wildest dreams.

On that note, I'm thrilled to announce that one of the students of the Workshop, Anna Rose Johnson, is about to publish her debut novel, The Star That Always Stays!

As part of her street team, I've had the pleasure of being able to read the book before it's released - and, it. Is. Brilliant.

Her writing harks back to the classics yet is clear and understandable, her characters feel real, and the concepts and themes and histories she's playing off of are very intriguing.

Sibling relationships are always a tricky thing in fiction, but The Star That Always Stays captured these so incredibly well. Her characters were so lovable (excuse me as I go rant about Vernon to an empty room for hours), and I found myself constantly grinning or awwing at them.

Best of all, though, her theme of hope and getting up and doing something when the world is splintering is beautiful. <3 She tackled some very hard themes for middle grade (such as divorce, race, prejudice, etc.) yet did so with so much grace and tact.

As Brett Harris, author of Do Hard Things and co-founder of the Workshop, wrote:

The Star That Always Stays is a sweet and gentle story in the vein of Anne of Green Gables or Little Women. Nothing in the book would fall into the Sensitive Topics categories we have on this community, for example.
It strikes that delicate balance of being neither too light and fluffy or too dark and scary. It showcases strong families and even includes strong Christian elements despite being published by a secular New York City publisher.
My hope is that this book will remind you of beloved childhood favorites and give you and your family that thrilling experience of getting lost in a new book together.
It certainly did so for my wife and me!

Her book is coming out the 12th - definitely pre-order it so that you can read it is as soon as possible! <3

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