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Sneak Peek into Trust the Traitor

My current work-in-progress is titled Trust the Traitor. TTT is the first of a duology and is a YA fantasy that follows a boy named Adrian as he is forced to discover if he can do good, once and for all, in a tyrannical empire where that means death.

Today, it's my pleasure to give you a few sneak peeks into various scenes of TTT.


Some claim that Larien is a myth. A story, they say. An improbable fancy meant to be a vain reassurance for those overwhelmed by the darkness of death.

Others say that, while Larien itself is a myth, the Lost Legend is not. That the dead board that phantom vessel and spend all of eternity sailing stormy seas, never to rest again.

I don't know how to counter such arguments. I don't even know, truly, if Larien exists. Because maybe they're right. Maybe Larien really is only a dream. I just don't know.

But one thing I do know: Sometimes the truth you can’t find in reality secrets itself away in dreams.

And if we’re to survive this with any shred of courage left, then may Larien be one of those dreams.

Now may the love of Larien keep us all.


“One day they’ll tell stories of what happened here. It’s up to you to decide what they’ll say.”


Ilana was different. She wasn’t like the rest of us, even though, in so many ways, she was.

She was just as afraid as us—sometimes even more so. But although she’d never try to deny the existence of the monster under the bed, she was always the one to whisper that maybe the monster was just as scared as us.

She was the first to start singing and the last to stop, the one who could tell stories that would make all of us believe, even if only for a moment, that courage was possible, that love was powerful, and that goodness would win out in the end.


“Adrian, wait,” she says, raising a hand as I turn.

“What is it?” Even to my own ears, my words are tinged with dangerous impatience.

“You can join us,” she says evenly, a strange glint in her eye. “You and me and Martin—we’d find them in less than a tick. You could get out of here alive, Adrian.” She tosses me something that I barely catch.

A coin. A golden coin to seal all her promises.

“Thanks for the offer,” I say, flinging it back. “But I don’t trust traitors.”

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