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Beta Readers Wanted!

In the writing world, there are two main-types of "pre-publishing" readers: alpha readers and beta readers. Alpha readers look over a rough draft and give feedback on big-picture things; beta readers receive a much more polished draft and focus on word-choice type things.

(Also, purely for my own curiosity. . .)

Have you heard of alpha and beta readers before?

  • Of course!

  • Nope, this is my first time.

  • Maybe. . . ?

Today, I'm opening up a short story of mine for beta readers! Details below. . .

BLURB: Life and Death, Hope and Despair—what did these four think of the life of Jesus? And even more, of his death?

These four have watched the teacher grow and have payed attention to his ministry, some more comfortably than others. But on this day, the scene opens with Life and Hope as they watch Jesus being led to the cross—and the victorious smiles of Death and Despair.

Yet Jesus’ ministry is one even these don’t understand. And their entire world hangs on the life—and death—of one man: Jesus

GENRE: Christian speculative fiction


SENSITIVE TOPICS: Death and Despair as characters, crucifixion (the actual method of death not focused on), temptation of Jesus, and, therefore, Satan

APPLICATION: Fill out this form, and I'll get back to you if I think you'd be a good fit! <3

There are all the details. . . for a little of the inspiration behind the story:

At the time when I started writing this, I had hit a dry spot as far as inspiration went. A couple friends were trying to help me out. One of them asked this:

"What do you think the angels up in Heaven thought when Jesus died?"

We zeroed in on that. Went further. Maybe not angels in general but specific angels. Maybe emotions or concepts turned into characters. Hope? Life? Death? Despair? What about them? What were they thinking and doing on that day?

I loved the concept. So I started writing it. There were very unique challenges to this short story, yet, for all of that, it has a very special place in my heart. <3

Click here to read it!

Applications will only be open for so long, as I'd like to focus on working through it with the beta readers I have without constantly taking on new ones. I'd love to have you as one of them! <3

Here's that link one more time. (;

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