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4 Books to Read with Younger Siblings

For those of us who have younger siblings, watching them learn to read and progress into longer books is a joy. And even if you don’t have younger siblings, I’m sure there are some children in your life that you’ve watched grow in this area.

And, what’s more, reading with them can be an even greater joy. If you haven’t done it yet, I’d very much encourage you to do it. And if you have, great! Now let me give you a few suggestions.

Note: I read with my sisters the most often due to the age differences, so some of these are more appropriate for girls.

Fortunately, the Milk

This is one book that’ll bring shrieks of laughter from almost all ages.

My fun-loving “older sister” read it to us one night at the dinner table (it’s about an hour and a half read-aloud), and it’s something most of us have never forgotten.

Later, I read it to my younger siblings to distract them from one of the most traumatic things that have happened to us as a family, and even then it made them smile.


I’m currently in the middle of reading this with my nine year old sister (who insists that she’s “almost ten”), and she is loving it. This was one of the very first books I remember my mom reading with me afternoon after afternoon, and getting to share it with my sister has been a blessing.

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic

This is a bit of a longer read, and the youngest of my siblings did start to get bored towards the end, but those old enough to follow the story very much enjoyed it. The sly humor kept us laughing every morning as I read it aloud.

Molly: An American Girl

I started reading this series with the aforementioned sister a couple years ago. Due to some bizarre complications, the books are now stranded in France, so we’ve yet to finish them.

When we were reading them together, though, she would beg me every night “Please, Karissa, can we read some more of Molly?” Though I don’t enjoy the books as much as I did when I was her age, getting to see her experience them for the first time kept me grinning.

Bonus: The Case of the Gooey Ghost

All right, all right, technically this isn’t a book. It’s a short story, written by yours truly for my youngest sister’s fourth birthday.

Seriously, though—stories you write/make up on the spot can sometimes be their favorite ones. Before my sister learned to brush her hair, I’d always tell her stories as I did it for her. When I babysit for some girls aged four and five, they’ll almost always beg me to tell them a story.

So maybe someday you can tell them a story of your own. If they’re anything like mine, they’ll hang on every word.


Do you like reading to your younger siblings? What’s one of your favorite memories of doing so?

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