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12 Hours

I'll be the first to admit that blog work has been spotty recently. As I mentioned before in a few emails, I'm going to be making several changes pretty soon (look out for some super exciting news coming soon!), and since I'm not planning on blogging long-term, this fell off my radar for a while.

As a matter of fact, I wasn't even going to post today. . . but then I found something out (or was reminded of it), and I need to share the word:

My friend Anna Grace is releasing her Book Across All Borders in twelve hours!

Ahhhhh. Guys. I cannot express how excited I am for this. Anna is an amazing writer and a beautiful friend. Her love and devotion have made such an impact on me, and this book looks amazing.

The official blurb for Across All Borders is this:

Hoping. Planning. Waiting. Everything in her life is wrapped up in the thought of this new sister, coming from so far away. Will the day ever arrive? And if it does, will it be everything they dreamed? In this short poetic narrative, follow along on a young girl's journey as she discovers the true meaning of love, family, and sisterhood.

This is going to be so amazing, story-lovers. I can't wait for the release. (Paper back orders can be placed here.)

As for the author herself, Anna Grace is a chronic illness warrior who "understands what it feels like to have questions with no apparent answer, even while trusting God as her source of strength. Passionate about using her writing to reach her generation, she is described by her parents as a 'born writer'."

She co-blogs at Redeem the Time, a site I've had the pleasure of visiting several times and always come away thoughtful afterwards., and she's already published a novelette called Before the World Changed.

So what can you do? Releasing a book is a huge undertaking. The work of publishing a book isn't over once you finish the final draft. . . far from it! And for search engines to pay attention to this story, we need to pay attention early.

A few suggestions:

  • Pre-order the book. Even though it's releasing soon, pre-orders matter. They tell amazon that this is a desired product and help more people to see it.

  • Mark as "want to read" on goodreads. You can find Across All Borders here on the platform.

  • Look into merch. Anna's compiled some amazing merch here, and all proceeds are going to a Christian nonprofit agency that supports adoptive families.

  • Leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews are critical for a book's early success. The more you have, the higher search engines will rank it.

  • Share about it! The biggest way to support a book is by word of mouth. Do you have friends who are interested in this type of story? Tell them about it!

Ahhh. Twelve hours is both short and very long to wait for this story. In the meantime, tell me - Are you looking forward to any new books coming out? I'd love to take a look at them!

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