My name is Karissa Chmil, and there are a lot of ways to describe me.

You could describe me as a nomad who's traveled across North America, Europe, and West Africa.

You could describe me as a girl who's always laughing, especially when she's around her friends.

You could describe me as a girl who knows what darkness is and yet clings to the promise that the stars will come out one day, who's had her world shattered over and over yet refuses to be broken.

You could describe me as all of those. Deep down, though, at the core of who I am, I'm three things:

A writer. A dreamer. And a believer.


I write character-driven speculative fiction with a dash of sorrow and a whisper of hope.

Currently, I'm in the stage of writing where I'm implementing the skills I'll need to succeed, honing my craft, and connecting with my lovely readers such as yourself.

Ultimately, though, my dream is to convict, challenge, and change people through my books - and, more specifically, through characters I've cried with, laughed with, and taken on journeys throughout my stories.



I'm the kind of girl who still wishes on stars sometimes.

The kind of girl full of whimsical fancies, who loves beauty, and slips in and out of daydreams as if they're old friends.

My dreams stretch from the fanciful hopes as I go to bed at night to the ambitions that I pour my time and energy into from dawn til dusk.

Dreams are at the core of everything I do - dreams that one day, somehow, the brokenness around us will be made whole.


It is my honor, pride, and joy to say that I am a daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

I'll never cease to be awed at the grandeur of my God's love for me, and I'll never grow tired of talking and singing about it.

At the core of all my writing and dreams and ambitions is one soul-binding, blood-paid desire: To serve Jesus with my words and to bring honor and glory to His name, one story at a time.

Soli deo Gloria.