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I'm a young storyteller with a heart for the truth. I've spent lazy afternoons in the sun-soaked fields of the heart of North America, crisp mornings hiking the alps and exploring castles in North-Western Europe, and nights in rural West Africa under the shattering beauty of the Milky Way. My dream is to give the same sense of wonder to my readers.

As a self-proclaimed official tea-taster (London Fogs, anyone?), I'm on a mission to proclaim that death has been defeated and life has come through Jesus Christ. Stories that last are stories that tell the truth and, as Andrew Peterson said, I want to tell the truth as beautifully as I can. (For more thoughts, see our story philosophy.)


I love middle-of-the-night storms and spur-of-the-moment devotions as thunder roars and rain pelts the roof. I love the scents of freshly-sharpened pencils, petrichor (look it up), lavendar, and old books. Either classical or Christian music is nearly always playing around me, and I'm a firm defender of the Oxford comma.

If I can make you smile with my stories, that's a win. If I can make you cry with my stories, that's also a win. But if I can make you truly think with my stories - that is a victory such as the kings of old can barely dream of.

Because, after all, storytelling is truth-telling, and I am on a mission to tell these stories to whoever will listen.

Will you join me?

I believe that both tiny things and huge things matter. My role as a sister is just as important as any career. A child's hope is just as important as the cacophony of grief and guilt after a loved one's suicide. Some of my stories are middle grade; others are young adult, but my goal in every tale is to produce high-quality stories that show the pain - and the hope - of everything in our lives.

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Meet Karissa

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